We have been experiencing and learning so much about Brazilian culture, and it is only fitting that we give back to their people. Today, we spent the day giving back to the community. We started our morning at Todo Mundo Feliz, a school that brings education and assistance to the Tamarutaca Community. While it was an amazing experience meeting the children at this school and learning about their outreach efforts, I want to focus more on my time at Projeto Locomotiva. 

Projeto Locomotiva invites children ages 7 to 17 to form a connection with each other through music. Locomotiva uses instrumental education to create structure in children’s lives and to help those who may struggle with social disorders. This program is free of charge with the exception that each student must be actively attending school whether it be private or public education. This non-profit organization opened my eyes to the power of music. 

I was taken aback when I got to listen and watch these children perform for us. I witnessed a huge room filled with many different instruments and kids of all ages. Seeing the older more experienced kids sitting with the younger children mentoring and playing alongside them brought me so much joy. It is rare to see teenagers and children all playing together, and creating such beautiful music; music that brought chills to my arms. These children come from all walks of life but manage to connect and relate through their love of music. It is evident how being involved in this program has changed their lives, brought them together, and taught them invaluable life lessons. Seeing the smiles and pure happiness of each one of those students shows the power and connection these kids have to music. Projeto Locomotiva creates a loving and inviting atmosphere, connecting all walks of life through the power of music.


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