Have you ever experienced a moment in life when all of the crazy and chaotic things going on slowly fade away, and you are able to fully focus on the beauty of the world we live in? I don’t think it happens often enough to anyone, but when it does it is truly transformative and provides clarity. We had the opportunity to take a step back and embrace God’s beautiful Earth during the final day of our trip on the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls. We started off the hike watching monkeys fly between the branches of the tall trees above us and throughout the day walked along a metal gate path that had unbelievable views of the falls. At each waterfall there was a stop for people to pull to the side to take pictures and look at the falls. When we reached the last waterfall called Devil’s Throat, the largest of them all, the view absolutely took my breath away and I was struck with clarity. 

Throughout this trip I have learned that there is a lot of change and needed flexibility when traveling, especially when it comes to new countries speaking new languages. It’s inevitable to have stressful moments, uncertain moments, and confusing moments when traveling. They can all build up and cloud our minds from remembering the true purpose behind our travel. When at the falls in Argentina I was finally able to find clarity. Everything that felt uncertain and stressful about traveling fell away and I was able to fully focus on the incredible site that God created. I finally felt at peace and my mind was clear. Even if it was for a short amount of time, it was all worth it to truly experience our Earth and God’s beautiful creation. 

As a popular tourist attraction, there were many different people from all over the world visiting Iguazu Falls. Even though each of us were from a different place than one another, spoke a different language, and had a different story than the person next to us, when looking at the falls none of that mattered. Our minds became clear and our hearts became full. The last day of our trip spent at the falls was very significant because it taught us the importance of finding clarity in the chaos that comes with life and travel. 


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