“Um sol pra cada um,” which translates to, “A sun for each one,” is a saying used by Brazilians to describe an extremely hot and sunny day. Not only was Saturday one of those very hot days to which this saying refers, the warmth of our host family’s welcome and care for us was felt with the same intensity. We had been spending the weekend with them in Águas de Lindóia, a lovely town in the countryside in the northeast of São Paulo, and although we had many adventures throughout the day, the real highlight was time spent enjoying each other. From starting the day off with a fun game of volleyball to riding horseback in the mountains, eating lunch at a rustic family restaurant, and watching the sunset from the miniature Christ the Redeemer tower, it was a wonderful respite from the flurry of busy weekday life. 

Since coming to Brazil, we have been welcomed with open arms into the home and family of Edison, Silvia, and Ana, and today was no exception. Ana was so excited to show us the horses and go riding with us, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience with our host sister! Both Ana and her parents have treated us with the kind of love that I usually associate with family, and it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.

In addition to the joy of sharing the day with a loving host family, I was reminded over and over again of how wonderful it is to be spending these weeks with a wonderful roommate. The excitement of new experiences and the joy of family is doubled when shared with someone as fun, kind, and wise as Emma. Together, we have been relishing every moment in the warmth of Brazil and our warmhearted host family. “Um sol pra cada um” is true both physically and metaphorically, as the love we have been shown is more than enough to go around, enough for each one! 

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Fannie Garber · May 26, 2024 at 11:41 am

Christina, I’m so delighted you get to experience all these wonderful things in Brazil!
I enjoyed reading your colleague’s blogs as well, and was very touched how you all in your own way felt the awesome human connection in a strange place!
Can’t wait to hug you when you get back! Love, mom

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