Brigadeiro, what a wonderful food. Who knew that combining condensed milk, chocolate, butter, and sprinkles would make one of my favorite desserts! For those who are not aware, there are two types of Brigadeiro that are often served. One is in a ball shape and can vary in size (image on the left). The other looks more like a pudding or mousse and is often served in a bowl (image on the right). Both versions can vary in toppings, but chocolate sprinkles are the most common.

While on this trip, Moisés, my host brother, and I have spent a lot of time together. We have played games, watched movies, sang while playing guitar together, and cooked dinner many times. We have also had deep theological discussions at odd hours; but out of all this, making Brigadeiro was what brought us closer. Our conversations now flow easier, we have a better understanding of each other’s preferences, and we can enjoy the empty space when there is no conversation without the anxiety of trying to fill it with words. 

Earlier that day, I had made dinner for my host family. I got to show a piece of myself to them through my cooking. They also got to taste what it’s like to eat what I cook when I don’t accidentally add way too much pepper! Making Brigadeiro with Moisés was a similar experience for me. Through making this dessert, I got to see a piece of who he is, as well as enjoy an amazing dish! 

After the Brigadeiro set, we watched some thrillers together. Chocolate and adrenaline are a good combination; if you remember to eat instead of being stuck in one spot from intrigue. Moisés and I would slowly make our way through the bowl of Brigadeiro throughout the episodes and converse about how predictable the plots were. As the night went on, and the amount of Brigadeiro dwindled, we were much more relaxed in each other’s company than we had been before. 

This experience showed me that it’s not the big activities that bring people together, it’s the small ones. Playing games, singing, talking; all of these are what brought me and my host family closer to one another. We enjoy our time together, having a lot of fun in one another’s company; as well as some Brigadeiro from time to time.

My host family Our Brigadeiro (half eaten)

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