Togetherness is something that is not as prevalent in each culture, but it is very apparent in Brazilian culture. In this culture togetherness is seen in almost everything they do. Whether it is cooking, dancing, doing any kind of work, and much more. Can you imagine, cooking Brazilian food and doing Samba dancing all in the same day! Well that is exactly what our day looked like. In the morning, we had the amazing opportunity of cooking as a whole group. Although the kitchen was small for the amount of people we had, it ended up working out just fine. We even got to wear a hairnet and apron while we were cooking this food. Personally, I am not a good cook, but the master chef was there along with others, so it went quite smoothly. This was something new for me as I engaged and was able to help in the process of cooking all of the food. Through these remarkable experiences that I have participated in today and all thus far, has taught me that togetherness is a way of working together to achieve one main goal. 

Ready to cook!

The outcome after making many different Brazilian dishes!

Having the opportunity to cook for a few hours and make different kinds of Brazilian food is something that I don’t even experience much of back at home within my culture. This has also opened my eyes to the beauty of cooking meals together rather than just alone. As the morning went on and we were preparing and cooking together, it started to become fun for me. I always had a negative view on cooking and did not really have a passion to want to cook, but after today that has changed. Working all together and as a team allowed us to have a good outcome of such amazing food. I enjoyed every bit of this cooking class and through our teamwork, we were able to cook the delicious food seen in the picture above while also having a good time with each other. 

Samba class!!

Later in the afternoon, we had a spectacular Samba class that was such a blast. I know that the dancing and playing of instruments pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am glad it did. It was a lot of fun and I have not participated in any kind of musical group since I was in middle school, so it brought me back to then. I found that working together was a very big part of this as well because we were tasked with making a beat with many different instruments, without speaking to one another. In order to do this we needed to work together and make something that sounded well together. Eventually we got the beat down and we even did it twice. We then got to the dancing part of the class, and we had partners, so we had to work with them to successfully dance together, and after a little practice it all came together. This activity showed myself and others that working together can make a positive difference and lead to enjoyment of the activities we participate in.

These experiences are very different from what we do in America because we don’t have the same connection with one another as the people in Brazil do. They are very involved with one another, while we tend to be very independent people and do things on our own. It is amazing to see how united the people are here in Brazil! America should strive to grow in relationships to be more like Brazil. 


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