Here is the view from my Host Families house on the 24th floor 

Waking up to this view in the morning is breathtaking. It is very vibrant and allows me to see a lot of the city in just one little glimpse. Being able to stay on the 24th floor of this amazing building in the city of Sao Paulo is one experience that I never thought I would have. Coming from a very rural location back at home, staying in the city is a new and exciting  way to experience and feel a part of the culture here. São Paulo is a huge city with so many different things to see and take in. Through my experiences thus far in Brazil, this has taught me to see the beauty in the little things through each activity and event I partake in Brazil.

Four of us girls getting ready to walk over to the University 

In the morning, the group of us girls had the opportunity to take a picture before walking to the university, right outside of our building. This was without getting my phone pickpocketed!! It was very sweet of Emma and Christina’s host father to walk us over to the university this morning as we were unfamiliar with how to get to the school. This was a great way to have a good time getting to know the area while also spending time with the girls around me. From this experience of walking to get to the campus, I learned that it is very important to pay attention when using the crosswalk because the rhythm of traffic is very unpredictable here in São Paulo. The little things that I took away from this was being able to have more time spent with friends from school in this new location as we are traveling together. This has allowed me to see the beauty in having friends and classmates that will encounter different activities with one another.

Our first Portuguese lesson

Later in the day after eating lunch at a very big buffet restaurant called Athor, we had our first Portuguese lesson with Giovanna. We were able to go through a little bit of what we learned when we did lessons on Zoom earlier in the semester, but also learned new terms and words as well. We had the privilege to have some of the students studying at the university there with us to help or assist in any way possible. The activity we did during the lesson was a great way to move around and get to know students within my class and the other students as well. I was able to see the beauty in meeting new friends here in Brazil that have helped us through our journey here so far and helped us in our Portuguese as well. I loved this experience and can’t wait to see what other Portuguese lessons and other activities have in store as the trip goes on. 


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