Guest post by Michael Blankenship

This is not a vacation.

On a vacation, you search out the best, most beautiful experiences for your relaxation and pleasure. It is your opportunity to step away from reality, to hold the world at a distance, and elude all of your cares for those few glorious days before it all comes crashing back on your shoulders when that time is spent.

This is not a vacation.

When you immerse yourself in another place, another culture, with people who live and think in ways that open your eyes to new truths about the world, you change. That doesn’t happen when you hold the world at arms length, and you certainly will not experience that at Roberts Wesleyan College.

In my brief time in Brazil, I have witnessed the transformation of these young, inspired students. They came prepared with academic accomplishments, perseverance and a readiness to absorb every opportunity and chose to step away from what was known and comfortable, and to embrace this big, beautiful and unique world that God has created. They leave as better students, better citizens, and better equipped as sisters and brothers in Christ.

These are not the young, second year college students who left the United States, some for the first time in their lives, three weeks ago. They have been transformed. That doesn’t happen on a vacation.

That happens at Roberts Wesleyan College.

At Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary, students do not simply receive a credential that becomes a bullet point on a resume. Here, students find an atmosphere that broadens their understanding of the world, invigorating their God-given intelligence, and, as Dr. Porterfield says, “Connects your head to your heart, and engages your hands.”

This is now a community of international travelers, global thinkers, and they will be world changers.

And to them, we say, “Obrigado.” Thank you for being a part of the Global Honors Program at Roberts Wesleyan College.


São Paulo Sunset

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