As our first week in Brazil comes to a close, I found myself sitting at the dinner table tired and hungry; after all, making wonderful memories 12 hours a day is sure to make one exhausted and work up an appetite. After an amazing home cooked meal, my roommate and I sat at the table with our host mama and soon began what became a very meaningful conversation. She started by saying how it brings her so much joy to make us dinner and have us in her home (so sweet!). She then explained how there is much social injustice in Brazil, so she takes food to those who are forced to sift through garbage for food. All this led up to her sharing with us her insatiable desire to help others, and how she believed God commands us to help others whenever we can.

My roommate Abby and I meeting our host mom Natalia for the first time.

This resonated with me, and I soon began to realize that this is a trait of all the people I have met from this beautiful country. From our fearless leaders here in Brazil, to the team we met at the capoeira workshop, the have all done their utmost to help our group in anyway possible. Not only have they extended a helping hand to us, but they are all apart of helping the community in some way. The men at the capoeira workshop have social projects such as teaching capoeira to people with Down Syndrome and collecting food to give to homeless people.

The team at the capoeira workshop!

As I learned about how these everyday people do what they can for others, I reflected on how I can do the same. You can always help someone, no matter how insignificant your help might seem. Whether you are helping your (host) mom wash the dishes, or bringing food to the hungry, God is pleased by our selflessness, and our service to others. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to help others here in Brazil, and to be help by all those I’m blessed to encounter during my time here.

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Amy Kovach · May 17, 2019 at 1:08 pm

The helpers aren’t always visible, but they are always blessed! What a great lesson to learn. It also sounds like you have an amazing host mom!!!

<3 Dr. Kovach

Grandma Cheryle · May 17, 2019 at 2:18 pm

It was so touching to read my grandbaughters comments. I hope she can bring those thoughts back with her and remember them for always. When your away from the scene and so busy with school and work you tend to forget. Papa and I love you mariah

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