When I was very young (maybe five years old?), I rode in my first plane. I don’t think I looked away from the window for the entire flight. All these years later, nothing has changed. I still can’t get over how beautiful the clouds and the mountaintops can be when viewing from above. I feel as if I have entered a fairy tale every time I fly. The landscape formed by the clouds becomes a kingdom independent of whatever nation lies below. The sun is always present up there, and it is clear to me why the sky was/is mistaken for the heavens.

Much like the clouds, this trip has been like a fairy tale. From the moment we arrived, I have found myself in constant awe of just how beautiful this world can be. The sheer size of Sao Paulo has been captivating. This city, with its rows and rows of buildings all so compacted together, seems as unending as the clouds from the plane. The vibrant culture that we have been immersed in provided us with unique and exciting experiences.

A small glimpse of the city from the highway.

Iguacu falls is no exception. The size and power of the many falls were like nothing I had ever seen before (and yes, that includes Niagara Falls). Throughout the entire hike along the water, I would have to stop every ten feet or so, because every new angle, every bend in the path produced yet another breathtaking view. The ever-daydreaming portion of my brain was constantly scanning the water and the treetops for signs of life of a being as epic and unforgettable as the falls themselves. I am sorry to report that no Loch Ness monsters or dragons showed themselves. The closest we got to this was the coatis scampering around, looking to nab an innocent tourist’s lunch.

A coati climbing through the trees.
Iguacu Falls

I feel like our world today has become so connected through technology that is can be difficult to find parts that have (for the most part) remained untouched by man. In the clouds and at Iguacu Falls, I am able to break free from the buildings and vehicles (other than the plane) that surround me in Rochester. In these places, I can easily see the hand of God at work in his creation and in me.

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Amy Kovach · June 1, 2019 at 3:35 pm


I love your child-like awe. I love how you find adventure and beauty everywhere you go. I am so glad you had these adventures!

<3 Dr. Kovach

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